25 May 2008

A little bit of feel good DOES go a long way!

Jamie Lidell's been "under the radar" lately... that is to say, he's been ALL over the place lately... relatively speaking. I was skeptical, because in most cases, the artists who pop up like inflatible pool toys due to one song usually spring a leak shortly afterwards and slip back below the surface where they usually belong. So I bought - not without some cynicism - a few tracks off of Jim and Multiply on iTunes. Fastforward a few days later and I've treated myself to the whole Jim album.

So far, so good... and by "good," I mean "really freakin' awesome." I'm smiling just listening to "Green Light" right now. What a way to start the summer. Below is his video for "Another Day" - very Stevie Wonder-esque - but with considerably bizarre visual accompaniment. I partially blame his Britishness. Enjoy.


Eryn said...

town LOVES lidell! i've listened to the entire album via him and it's great!!!! i had no idea he was so british looking :-)

Alec said...

It's such an awesome CD - I just wish it was more than 38 minutes long. Like an Florentine man at Astor, it's toooo short.