28 May 2007

Meatmorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend was nice. Somewhat lackluster, but nice. MeIlow is good sometimes. We had more grilled meat than any family should on any given day. Buffalo burgers were included- along with a helping of potato salad and guilt. My ancestors, the mighty Choctaw, are shaking their heads.

(Please note, I am not actually Choctaw... but I am, in fact, part Cherokee... and a fan of For Your Consideration, wherein, John Michael Higgins' character calls attention to his Native American ancestry to the point of exploitation and immense awkwardness, seeing as how he is, quite possibly, whiter than me. And the way he enunciates "Choctaw?" Fantastic movie.)

Yesterday, my dad and I went to a plant nursery and found this amazing rose called a Don Juan. Hable de sexy plant? Si. It smells like an Italian pastry shop on a Swiss mountaintop surrounded by... roses. Aka, it smells fantastic. My rents picked one up for me today and I transplanted it to a pretty little pot on my back steps. I have one of the flowers in an Orangina bottle on my desk right now... and I smell it compulsively. I think I've smelled it at least three times since starting this entry. If I could post smells, I would. But perhaps, Man is not ready for such technology.

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Eryn said...

wow i'm a compulsive smeller just like you. whenever i have any type of flower that smells even remotely delightful i have to smell it each time i pass it by. maybe the oils from my nose make them die faster.....or live longer, i haven't decided yet.

is the picture you posted your actual flower? if it is...it's the most perfect looking rose i've ever seen. it looks like an exotic rose...

and you're part cherokee? seriously? i had no idea...with your peaches and creme complexion and all. but then again genetics are strange.

tutti frutti? alex is trying to convince me he knows italian.....he utters phrases like the above in a Mario (the ninentendo mario) accent.