03 June 2007

Because everytime Paul Rudd smiles, a baby panda sneezes.

My mom and I have been trying to see a movie together for the past several weeks, but can never get our acts together. Well, yesterday we had the chance. I had been debating with Eryn yesterday if we should see the third Pirates movie or Knocked Up. Eryn (being the voice of reason in this situation), said the movie, while supposedly somewhat raunchy, shouldn't be a problem for a girl and her mom who saw Sideways together and agreed that the worst part was indeed, the funniest. (Lest we forget the angry overweight gentleman with his "penis flapping in the trailer park breeze.")

My mom agreed with Eryn's logic and we went with Knocked Up. I'm really glad we did- it was not only completely hilarious, but surprisingly sweet, as well. (Yes- a movie called "Knocked Up" is sweet... I can honestly say that I didn't see that one coming.) And I know one shouldn't really be surprised at a baby movie being sweet, but this is a new take on the genre. It feels more appropriate for this generation and it's not Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant-type fare. The content isn't sappy, but it doesn't lack sentimentality. I wouldn't say the movie doesn't have a gender, but rather, it's conscious of both sides. Neither side is portrayed perfectly... but why should they be?

There are of course more fart, sex, and penis jokes than you could shake a stick at (oh snap), but honestly, I don't know a female who wouldn't laugh at the pinkeye scene- I know my mom and I both did. The combination of the cast is perfect and most take the high/dry road for delivery of the material and the film ends up the better for it. Several times, I went into silent-laughter mode and possibly did the "1-2 clap" to show my enthusiasm... to the screen.

Yes- the entire cast is great, but Paul Rudd gets the superfluous blogpic because he's simply scrumtrulescent in so very many ways. "Who needs a timemachine?" And yes, I thought of A-Town during the dinner conversation about Back to the Future. I bet he could have subbed for either male in that scene. 88 miles an hour, indeed.

In summation, since I'm very sleepy all of a sudden, I highly recommend it. It was really the most fun I've had at the movies in a long time- even more fun than Hot Fuzz, I would say. ...But this one has babies.

Paul Rudd and babies ftw!


Eryn said...

i totally agree with all your opinions....paul rudd was BY FAR my favorite character in the movie. i think the other atown agrees as well.

this part didn't involve the hysterical paul but i loved it:

(this scene took place at the club before they made baby)

allison: i love your curls, what do you put in it?

ben: uh, jew...


or in the same club:

osama: can i come?

creepy guy: no

osama: how come?

creepy: because your face looks like a vagina!


thanks for all the shout outs.....it made me feel special!!!!!!

Alec said...

I cracked up hardcore with the Jew hair joke. I think it was at that moment I realized that I'm most likely going to end up with a goofy boy with a Jew fro.

And if that movie taught me anything, it's that that is OK. As long as he loves Paul Rudd almost as much as I do.

HAAA! I forgot about the vag-face joke. That poor bastard got soooo much shiz. It just didn't stop. "Tell your friend, the shoe bomber..." "Oh God- you smell like a yhetti's balls..."