20 December 2007

A couple musical highlights of the moment / Yes, I do listen to more than Josh Ritter.

Josh Rouse | Probably exactly what you picture when you think "adorably sensitive and nerdy singer-songwriter." I'm a bit jealous of my brother because he was able to go to a Josh Rouse show - without even knowing who he was. But at least he ended up enjoying it. (And this is my brother we're talking about - the owner of a musical collection where house and techno reign supreme!) His style is dominated by American acoustic folk and blues, but as you can probably tell from the video below, he has embraced certain Mediterranean vibes since his relocation to Spain. Anyway, Josh Rouse (can't call him "JR" cause I've already got one... Maybe "JR2: Electric Boogaloo?") doesn't have a ton of music videos under his belt - he's a bit under the radar in that respect. But "Quiet Town" is quite appropriately not only one of my favorite Josh Rouse songs, but also a nice warm tune for a cold and snowy day. (P.S. Nature, wtf? More snow??)

The Kills | On the opposite end of the spectrum from Josh Rouse lie the duo, the Kills. They've got a dirty, sexy and dense NY/London rock sound... and the guy vaguely reminds me of Lou Reed, so bonus points there. And while they've always experimented with noise and sound, this one seems to have a little extra oomph. I can't wait until they release this single, "U R A Fever," to iTunes. (The album will be released in March.) This track is just... so freaking good. I love the aesthetics of the video, as well - it's so very... them.

OK. Enough said. Enjoy.

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