09 December 2007

Today's special: sloth.

So I've been a bad blogger - it happens. Unfortunately, I can't use the old "I'm busy" excuse - it's just a case of the lazies that's got me.

Friday, I went out with Manda and Joj for Manda's slightly early birthday celebration. It'd been some time since I'd seen either of them, so that was cool. Nothing big or crazy (man, we're old), but good times nonetheless.

Today, Roberto came down to Prov town to sample the deliciousness of Julian's, a super chic - cross that- super scene restaurant near Federal Hill. They've got great food and a casual atmosphere. The music - loud but (generally) good. The staff - young and tattooed. I've had dinner there once before, but in general, their brunch is definitely worth getting up early for. After a hearty brunch, we tried to get some Christmas shopping done. Rob was semi-successful, but I left empty-handed. I'm still stumped on what to get the family. My dad liked the sweater I got for him for his birthday so much, he asked that I pick up another one in a different color... but that sort of takes the surprise out of it, non?

My bro went to Ireland a bit over a week ago for a long overdue vacation. He stayed in Dublin the whole time and enjoyed it in general, though one of the only things he said about it was, "it's like Boston... but with shorter buildings and better accents." I say Boston is like Dublin... but with taller buildings and worse accents. But, he did bring me back The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter on vinyl, which, unbeknownst to him, came out the day he found it. I believe that's what they call "serendipitous." We're hopefully going to hook up a sweet, albeit rather old, sound system this week, record player included. May my modest vinyl collection grow like the mighty oak.

Anyway, I'd give my eye teeth to go back to Ireland. Lovely place, wonderful people. One thing I've always wanted to do, even before I'd ever gone to Ireland, was to spend some holiday time in Dublin. One day, I'll do Christmas in Europe. Until that day, check out my bro's pictures from his trip. There are some pretty gorgeous ones in there.


Eryn said...

oh yeah your bro went to ireland.....for work or pleasure:-)??

and is that an old flotown christmas pic? oh the light in firenze that time of year are mesmerizing.

i guess it's a good thing we'll be back in 4 1/2 months.

i'm going now to look at ansley's pics!

Eryn said...

i just raided your bro's pics and realized that he actually took the christmas lights pic......man what came first, amazing xmas lights in dublin or amazing xmas lights in firenze

my bets are on firenze since they were probably first hung in the renaissance by helen!

i love that pic in your bro's album of you on the train......and of course the pic of mikah

fantastico........how are the twinz?

Alec said...

The girl are doing just fine thankyouverymuch.

As much as I want to say the Irish probably invented it, who knows. Maybe da Vinci drew it and they thought it was going to be along the lines of his giant pontoon skis or helicopter made out of wood, so it was put in the kitchen knick-knack drawer for a couple hundred years. And then, rifling through the parchments of Vinci's family casa, Helen finally realized that deking out Flo-town was brilliant, and consequently scared everyone into making Leo's dream a reality!

What do you think?

Eryn said...

yes.......that's it, THAT'S what happened :-)

oh helen.