03 April 2008

Finalemente or: Worth The Wait.

Blondfire (FKA Astaire), my favorite Brazilian/ German/ America brother/sister musical duo, has finally released their first LP My Someday. I first heard their intoxicating sound four years ago, when "L-L-Love" was the free song of the week on iTunes. It was a beautifully sexy pop slap in the face! Following that, I got the Don't Whisper Lies EP and their Live acoustic EP.

Stylistically, My Someday is along the lines of the Don't Whisper Lies EP - slick and sweet - but not too slick and sweet. There's a good balance of pop and rock, pep and sadness. It's music by the young and for the young, but it feels like the Driscolls are old hands at the game. There is a hefty 80's influence throughout, but don't be scared - the synth won't hurt you. The lyrics are relatively simple and, at times, quite fun, but when translated into Erica's sweet falsetto (we're totally on a first name basis - for real), they take on more poetic weight and a sort of dream-like quality.

Some highlights from album are "Always the Last To Know" (so smooth!), "Into the Sea" (so fun!), "Lovesick" (so sassy!), and "All In My Mind" (so... sad?) And just so you know, the Mary Poppins song (as in "practically perfect in every way"), "L-L-Love" is also on the album.

If you're a fan of the Cardigans or Feist, you should definitely give Blondfire a listen. These crazy kids created the whole album almost entirely on their own (self-produced and whatnot), so... good on 'em! I think they're headed off to big things.

Rock on, young Driscolls. Rock on.

Blondfire - Into the Sea

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