07 April 2008

These ain't no Sunday funnies.

Today has not been an amazing day. But rather than yadda yadda yadda about the bad and the drab and the... whatever... I figured I'd share my favorite webcomics, instead. I'm definitely not a webcomic nerd, but I just have a few favorites that were recommended to me by the bro, or stumbled upon in a fit of internet nomadism.

A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible

This is a great comic that went "on hiatus" quite some time ago (and I doubt will ever return), but like a desert jackrabbit, it had a strong and lean run while it lasted. The creators of the comic were Dale Beran, a philosophy major and David Hellman, an art major. The comic pushes boundaries in terms of content, style, and (literally) in terms of layout. The content and story themes are surreal and don't always (and aren't always supposed to), make sense. The artistic style is generally reminiscent of a relief or block print - chunky and bold; I love it and it acted as something of an inspirational source when I took relief printing in college. Yay art!

David Hellman's been working on a video game and you can check the progress of it via his blog.

Some of my favorites: "Now We Are Poor Again," "The Giants Stole My Rhythm," Can You Come and Dig Me Up?," "Christmas Disaster Special" and "Morning, Sleepy Head!"

Perfect Stars

This comic approaches sex, drugs, and 19th century literature with bold colors, curly queues and apathy... oh, to be young! It's not for everyone (it helps to like Oscar Wilde... a lot), but damn, is it ever pretty.

Favorites: "Oh Henry That Sounds So Boring" (I love the "laaaame!"), "Check You Out," and "Guess What's Boring."

The Secret Crocodile Adventure Club

A surreal comic involving various characters - 99% of which are crocodiles. It's a weird one... and I mean really weird... But sometimes really awesome... even if the jerk didn't take my sweetass guest comic.

Faves: "Erotic Bakery Etiquette," "Mohammed and Jesus," and "Cloud Wizard" (because I think that "hatitude" should enter the English vernacular.)

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Other than ALILBTDII, this is the comic that I've been following the longest. It's also the most consistent in style, content and level of amusement. The comic usual involves a misleading picture/caption combination that's usually absurd and inappropriate. What can I say? It gets me to laugh...

There have been so many posts from this guy, it's hard to say which are my favorites... here are some random highlights: Abraham vs AbrahaN, "Vatican's Income," "Women for Peace," and "'You'll Never See These Again.'"

A Simple Apology

A pretty new comic that I stumbled upon via SCAC, I believe. It's simple and goofy - I like it.

Favorites: Poor Fish and "Sleeping Rules."

Dinosaur Comics

I'm not super crazy about this one - though I haven't followed it for very long. I will say this, however, it's kind of ground-breaking. The guy has used the exact same panels for over 1100 cartoons - he changes only the dialog. Weird, huh? And kind of awesome... in a visually boring kind of way.


Eryn said...

thanks for the online comic insight.......this is stuff i would never discover on my own.

the artwork is strangely beautiful. me likey!

Alec said...

I think it's pretty cool stuff - because it IS stuff that you wouldn't expect to see other places. Sort of adventurous, you know?