18 April 2008

Oh. Man.

Ok, so one more post before I go because I just found this out via Andrew Bird's e-mail info list thingamajig.

The Mile High Music Fesitival.

It pretty much sounds like a bunch of my favorite musicians just said, "hey - let's play this festival on Alec's b-day... ya know... cause we rock." Unfortunately, it looks like they forgot where I live because it's inconveniently two time zones and a couple thousand miles away in Denver. Blargh.

It has Josh Ritter and Andrew Bird (who are also doing some West Coast shows together - um, again - wrong locale, guys), as well as Spoon, Jason Mraz (who is freaking AMAZING live in spite of his really awful last album), Citizen Cope, Lupe Fiasco, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers... I mean com'on!! What does Denver have that the Southern New England area doesn't? Apart from mountains and fresh air? We have fewer hippies! I think most would say that's a perk! So how about we just move that puppy up to the Northeast, huh? Nudge it... a little nudgie nudge... nudge.

Sigh. To pacify my sullen disbelief that such a fest could be thrown so far out of reach (what's up with the lack of New England festivals, man?), here's an amazing and heart-breaking cover of Tom Petty's "Walls" by JR and his band.

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