07 June 2007

Sucka... foolish... foolish sucka...

Life goes on- as does the job search... well, today it didn't. Instead, took a trip to The Coffee Exchange with Jojo. I haven't been since I was a young'un when my rents were hip and bought their coffee there. It's around the sameish price range as Starbucks, but significantly more chill. It's especially dangerous since it's right across the street from an art supply store. (Bye bye, money.) I could see how the sceneitude/"East Side-ness" of it is a little much, but if I lived closer, I'd be there all the time. And posting my love for chic bohemian men in the "missed connections" section of craigslist.

"You have a goatee, black glasses and eyebrow ring... we ordered the same drink (large vanilla organic soy latte) and made serious eye contact. I felt the electricity between us... wonder if you did too. Maybe we can get Thai sometime."

If you're ever ridiculously bored, check out those pages- they're absolutely fantastico.

This weekend looks somewhat exciting: drive-in on Saturday and roaming through Boston on Sunday. Last time we tried the drive-in, it was chock full and we ended up picnicing at Waterplace Park and watching middle-aged drunk couples embarrass one another. While that was entertaining in its own right, I do hope the double feature with DEET is a success this time.

I wish the Bufas could reunite... if only to all watch Eagle vs Shark when it comes out... and it needs to come out NOW. It's playing at the Newport International Film Festival this weekend, which almost makes me want to go down and brave all the khaki-shorted, yacht-leasing touristas in my "naturally aged" jeans and $2 flip-flops... But I probably won't.

In any case, here's the trailer...

If it involves a guy battling the ocean, I'm there... with bells on. Motherfreaking bells.

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Eryn said...

is that the british version of Napoleon Dynamite? I haven't heard of it yet, but as soon as it comes to one of many artsy theatres here I AM THERE.

"I almost came as a shark myself but then i realized that an eagle is slightly better."

YESSSSS. the bufa crew would rock the sh*t out of that premiere.......I would dress as a dolphin naturally

it's my favorite animal.......second is a dog

can a domestic pet be someone's second favorite animal? or is that lame?