28 June 2007

Crooked on the outside, inside's caved.

Ryan Adams was on Letterman last night for the umpteenth time. The performance of "Two" that aired was good but the web-exclusive performance of "I Taught Myself How to Grow Old" was nothing less than amazing. It's unfortunate that it's so beautiful, because it makes me monumentally depressed that I'm not going to his concert tomorrow.

The video of "Two" is below, but you have to go to the link provided above to see the vid of "I Taught Myself..." Apparently, the man invented a time machine because he looks like he's 19 and his voice has never sounded better- so sweet and soft. Like a lamb covered in marshmellows. When you quit smoking heroin, I guess it does wonders. Now if only he'd drop the cigarettes... but I'm not holding my breath on that one...

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