15 June 2007

"This is why I come up here."

I've been thinking- mentally compiling, really- a list of things to do when I get back to Firenze for the Amalgamation (of the Century.) This is sort of assuming the ideal- that I have at least 4 full days there (but, hopefully more around 5 or 6). This is the tentative list I've been toying with...

• SGM. All day, everyday. That is, visit the gelateria that houses the one and only Sad Gelato Man: the man, the myth, the legend. If he's still there, ideally.... I want a picture with him. And I won't guarantee that I will not propose.

• Just as gelato is best served sadly, cappuccino is best served standing. Hit the marble cafe bars like it's my job. The magic words: vorrei un caffè, per favore.

• Speaking of bars, in the more traditional sense- Art Bar. I nearly forgot. How? I have no idea. Also, Fiddler's Elbow! If in need of Irish, break glass.

• See the inside of the Duomo and/or the bell tower. I read Brunelleschi's Dome and have new reverence for the man, so I should probably go to the massive architectural achievment he built a stone's throw from the Buf.

• Crash SACI. Maybe take Dario's bike for a joyride. Say "hi," to Dean Doctor Daddy David Davidson. Tell Marta Martini that, yes, I capisco. Just run past Helen yelling, "whatever!" Or sit in on her class only to get up to use the internet for 45 minutes. And then leave them all in a cloud of confusion as to who the random blonde Americana was.

• Take the 20 minute train ride and see the Leaning Tower. Another super tourista thing that I didn't bother with. I may have been the only Bufa not to. For shame, A-Town.

• Catch the elusive sunset over the city from Piazzale. My calves burn just thinking about it. But so does my mouth- for a 3 euro Sprite!

• Steal... NAY- return to its rightful owner (i.e. the Bufas, e.g. me)- a Bufa horsehead. Failing that, break in and take one of the weird religious prints that were all around the apartment. And maybe some Medici balls.

• Grab a bite to eat at Za'Za. Hit the Mercato- HARD. I want a real Italian purse and leather bound journal, and my mom's already debating about what color pagmina she wants me to get this time around. And while Totti's probably more legit, my mission is to acquire a Gennaro Gattuso jersey (seen there sans jersey, avec glory).

• One word, two syllables: Astor.

I also want to do random things like see if that guy with the bandana is still working at the grocery store across from Accademia (what is that one CALLED?), trawl for cheap Ferrari gear (yeah right), hit up about 68 bakeries, shake nearly-empty water bottles near people's heads etc, etc.

Ideally, I'd love to hit the coast or maybe Bologna. I really liked Bologna- its saints' skulls in conspicuous gold tombs, its over-the-top life-sized wooden figures, its towers, its neon grandmas, and its lovely porticos. Ironically, I did not dig the food.

I'd also like to check out Fiesole- maybe stay there for an afternoon. Have fresh olive oil and fresh bread with a not-so-fresh bottle of vino. Oh Italian picnic lunch, how I love you.

Hit me up with suggestions. I know I'm forgetting so many things, but wanted to get this up as a base and something to look forward to.

Endnote: Eryn- I have reason to believe that said gelateria has an actual name... and that name is Antica Gelateria Fiorentina. I found no photographic evidence of this, because apparently, we're the only ones who love so... though we don't have pics of it either. That will change soon enough, my friend. Soon enough.)

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