26 July 2007

I need an Atticus.

I didn't get the job at the theater. I wouldn't be so mad if it weren't for the fact that I got the rejection letter yesterday, but the letter itself was dated the 16th and postmarked the 24th. And I had called on the 19th to check in. Asshats.

I had an interview at a university on Tuesday. The interview with the department reps went well. They seemed to really like me. As I was leaving I was stopped by one of the interviewers and she told me they'd interviewed some people who had an MS or whatnot in a related field (aka they're going to choose someone over-qualified, aka I'm not going to get the job), but she asked if I would be interested in a position that hadn't been posted yet in the same department, as some Administrative something or other. I perked up and told her certainly. It was a relief that she just straight-up leveled with me. I wish more people did that, instead of leaving you hanging for two weeks. And then she told me she was proud of me for taking the stairs both ways (fiiiive floors.) Remember to take the stairs- you never know who's an environmentalist.

At this point, I sort of expect a nicely worded rejection email with a link to another position within the next day or so. I hope something works out soon, because the job search is getting depressing.

My birthday was pretty good. Went for coffee and VERY yellow lemon cake with Joj. My parents hadn't asked the annual "what do you want for your b-day meal" question, so I assumed we were going out. Well, they made swordfish... which I dislike for a variety of reasons, but it was ok. It will be a joke that will rear its mercury-ridden head every July 19th.

Alec: I'll just have a little piece.
Dad: I thought you liked swordfish.
Alec: I think you're thinking of you...
Dad: ....Happy birthday!

I received a lovely gift from Ms PL, whose sense of humor and practicality is always appreciated. My bro got me a WACOM graphics tablet, which I am totally digging. I spent about 6 hours yesterday and several hours today messing around with it in PS. Now I just need to learn how to use Illustrator. Yay. I should pick up a book on it soon.

Speaking of books, I just reread To Kill A Mockingbird, and I had forgotten how much I love it. I always say it's one of my favorite books, but I'd forgotten why. It's just so well written- a time and a town so perfectly captured. I cried- nearly bawled- at two parts... If you can guess which, you get a cookie... figuratively speaking. It has one of best literary heroes of all time- with a great name to boot.

I also spent the weekend up in New Hampsha, visiting Miss Martinez and Sir Funk before they peace out for grad school in the midwest. I think everyone had fun. Got to swim in a lake, consume more junk food than an entire trailer park, and hang out with some peeps I haven't seen in over a year. I'm going to miss them, but apparently, they'll be back for holidays and the like. Ironically, we might be able to see eachother on a more regular basis.

Last but not least: I am here. And I am there. Because I am beside myself with joy. Wes Anderson has a new movie- The Darjeeling Limited- coming out in September. I'm not sure about Adrien Brody... he's a good actor, but I don't know if he's got that Wes Anderson vibe. In any case, Jason Schwartzman (who's starring and co-wrote), will be guaranteed pretty amazing. Consider my money already spent.


Eryn said...

atown, i'm proud of you too for taking the five floors of steps both ways. brava!!!

screw the theatre....those pricks, i had a few unfortunate let downs like that too. i love when YOU have to call two weeks later and they say, "oh yeah, we filled that position 13 days ago. suhweet. you'll get something soon. and just remember that you have the REST OF YOUR life to work. try to not loathe unemployment at the ripe age of 23 too much!

anywho, i miss you and will send you a well deserved, well versed email sooner than you can say "trains, planes, and automobiles."

p.s.b.t.w. we saw the simpsons movie today, go see it so we can talk about a few hilarious parts. hint, you see something you're totally not expecting!!!

Alec said...

I'm so behind on my movie consumption! And I blame it on Mama Barnes. She made me promise that I would see "Ratatouille" with none other than she. Somehow, this little hiccup has slowed me to a movie-going halt. My next priority was Harry Potter and the Infinite Line for the Bathroom or whatever it's called, but for you, I shall aim for the Simpsons movie as my next priority.

And I will ride my bike.