13 July 2007

Of crumpled toes and Frenglish.

I had an interview for executive assistant at a theater company this morning. It went well, but I have some doubts; it was sort of odd. I over-dressed (whyyy did I wear heels?), but I asked some good questions. She spent most of the time talking, which may or may not be a good thing. Anyhoodle, the position sounds like it's actually quite cool and seems like a pretty chill place to work. We'll see. I should know by next Tuesday.

A-Town and I were chatting yesterday, and I told him about how I sort of had the intention of making the transition to Boston (which won't happen if I get this job). And he said, "what? Don't you like the duplé?" From now on, this house is not a duplex, but rather, the "duplé." Yay faux French is awesome.

Speaking of French, Romain Duris has a new movie coming out: Dans Paris. What's not to love about a love-sick, suicidal Romain? And the guy who plays his brother is a little bit gorgeous. Even if it's not amazing, it at least looks interesting.

Though I still want to see Transformers. Don't judge me. (OMG SPOILERZ: I hear they're robots... in disguise.)

I'm all revved up and feel like doing something. I want coffee, which maaaay not be the best choice. Maybe pancakes instead. Sedated by delicious pancakes... I wonder if the Joj is up...

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