29 July 2007

Life List: The A-Town Edition

SO, Miss Eryn, aka one of my favorite people on the planet, busted out a Top Ten Things to Do in This Lifetime (you never know, the Hindi might be right)... aka Life List. She had a pretty rocking top ten... though I did not notice "opening a Florentine stationary store/bar with A-Town" on there. That's ok. We'll just consider it so obivous it need not be mentioned.

I've got my List (got the High Fidelity pic reference there- "all time top whatever..."), in no real particular order. Please note, list is subject to change and void in Utah (watch- somehow in this life, I'll end up stuck in Utah.)

- Visit Istanbul, specifically, Hagia Sophia.

- I always want to be learning. In some shape or form, I want my life to be vibrant and interesting enough where I am constantly learning.

- Go to Machu Picchu or Choquequirao. I guess I'd just really love to visit Peru (and do what Beardy here is doing), and see some really old things. And try not to get altitude sickness.

- Visit the Maori caves in New Zealand.

- Have a successful gallery show with which (above all else), I am happy.

- Live in a foreign country for at least a year (probably one of the following: New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, or Sweden.)

- Become fluent in a foreign language. Something new (Sprechen Sie Deutsch?), or something more familiar- French or Italian.

- Write a book. Preferably the Great American Novel that would make Michael Chabon drop to his knees in reverence... or perhaps a biography of Sad Gelato Man... I'm not sure which.

- Work for myself, i.e. be my own boss. This could either be owning my own business or just being gainfully self-employed (see previous item).

- Oh you know... find love. Which will probably be hard, since the love of my life is... dead. And the other one is getting married. To my evil black male twin from Ohio.

How very soap operatic!


Eryn said...

gah you are too humorous :-) i loved that each country you wouldn't mind living in had a link that sparked hilarium in my brain cavity.

ok, now i'm embarassed to mention one of my blogging problems......i don't know how to link shit. i mean wtf mate, i'm a graphic designer and i don't know how to link stuff in my freakin' blog. i know how to do it in aim but for some reason am having the darndest time. help me pwease, even though i'm pathetic.

ok, one more confession that will probably make you lose even more love for me. i've never seen a mastroianni flick. also i'm not sure if he's just an actor or a director/producer as well. help me in my quest to understand your numero uno better.

on the upside, my late fish that died because he froze in our subarctic apartment on my bday/engagement weekend was named marcello. maybe the fish symbolized you and your sadness when said "black arch rival asked for my hand in matromony.

"love means never having to say you're sorry."

p.s.b.t.w. your "those aren't pillows!" quote made me almost have to spit out my hot tea onto my macbook.

"she may be skinny, but she's strong.....first baby, came out sideways. she didn't scream or nothin' "

Alec said...

Ohhh! I love knowing how to do one thing that you don't! I felt smart for .3 seconds. But since I love you, I shall share the secret of the link... the very well known secret. But because stupid blogger won't let me post the little image I did in comments, I'll put it in a proper post for you.

You've never seen a Marcello movie? Ohhhh dearest. He's amazing. In fact, I'm going to do a post dedicated to my main dead Italian man just for you.

If you drop the right combination of words in front of my dad, it will immediately elicit a PT&A quotation from him. In fact, I think today, I'll try to do that.

"That's how Houdini died, you know."