05 July 2007

Of zebrafish and parody.

After a botched attempt to go into Boston this past weekend to meet up with Emily (hereafter "One Eye"), I managed to get up there on Tuesday afternoon for some 3rd of July fun with Jojo. We met up with Kait and headed to One Eye's for pizza à la Ian and met a couple of his peeps from Hobart. We sang, we drank, we yelled, we exchanged outrageous stories, and we laughed at inappropriate moments and politically incorrect things. I contacted Heathbar to see if she wanted to meet up and she responded with the overwhelming enthusiasm that only she could express and I love.

Unfortunately, we couldn't catch up with the Heathbar, as it's remarkably hard to get a group of inebriated 20-somethings to mobilize efficiently. We were on opposite ends of the city and I couldn't convince anyone to go to Cambridge or even Downtown. Some other time... when I give her more than an hour's warning. And next time, I'll come armed with a mix cd.

Other than that missed opportunity, a good time was had by all. I had to leave Boston relatively early for Jojo's sake... but it was probably a reasonable choice in hindsight since I was exhausted. That is to say, when I got home around 12:30 in the afternoon, I wanted to stay up for the sake of my normal sleep pattern, so I made a double shot latte... but fell asleep 15 minutes after drinking it. Caffeinated sleep: the most efficient sleep ever.

A couple of weird moments have occurred over the past few days. The first: Joj was driving us around downtown Providence and I got a whiff of sewage and exhaust... and I immediately thought of Florence! It sounds rather gross, but I was completely there for a second. The second moment: while wandering around downtown Boston, I sighed so heavily I drew stares... as I had an overwhelmingly sad and sentimental yearning (yes– yearning!), to see my Austin Bufas. It's been so long. And I'm withering.

But this is good- I have renewed determination. I'm going to get a job. So I can see my Austin Bufas.


Eryn said...

oh you WILL see us soon. if not before firenze then in firenze where it all began! we will hit it hard and maybe firenze (the city) will mysteriously put electric fence collars around our necks so everytime we try to leave we get shocked. so what do we do.......we stay


Alec said...

I was seriously contemplating just staying in Italia, maybe working as a barista, post-Amalgamation. Renting an apartment, "borrowing" Dario's bike. Totally realistic, right? Esp with that collar accessory. We shall be forced to open that stationary store. Prime location? Via Ghibellina perhaps?