18 August 2007

Cupid's gettin' married, y'all!

Why do I feel like I should get this shirt for The Amalgamation?

Instead of buying something constructive with my Borders gift certificate, I went with something perhaps more absorbing. What can I say? Bernini's my boy. Had I found a particular book on Caravaggio, I would have been at an awkward stand-still in Borders, weighing the two options out in my hand as though choosing which would live on and which would die on the shelf, all while my brother stood aggravated, while we were supposed to be at the Superbad veiwing. I have to wrap up Travels With My Aunt, that's been a pretty great read, itself... and then I'll dish on all the Baroque shenanigans (of which there were surely aplenty.)

And lastly, my friend and all-around awesome chick, musician Roz Raskin just put up her fun acoustic take on "Umbrella" on youtube. The audio's a little flat, but it's pretty sweet. If you like it, check out her myspace.

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Eryn said...

that dreamweaver book looks like it'd be very helpful. it helps to feature a friendly, white dog on your cover as to not overwhelm shoppers.

psbtw. "hit it and quit it" was our house phrase during my senior year. don't know why, just was.