13 August 2007

I was singing without knowing the words

I'd had a few Josh Ritter songs sitting in ye olde iTunes library for a while, but for some reason, I didn't give any of them (other than "Wolves" and "Lillian, Egypt"), more than a couple listens. But something just clicked recently and I fell head over heels for his music. He's got a new album coming out next week and the first single, "To the Dogs or Whoever", is exuberant and gorgeous. In spite of low funds, this may be an album that I buy day of, without hesitation.

Below is a video from his last album, The Animal Years, for the beautifully moving "Girl in the War."

And you've got to love a ridiculously cute Idahoan who smiles so much while he's singing. (HOW did I miss that show?? In my favorite and most-visited part of Boston, no less!)

I'll probably do another post later today, but that's all for now. Enjoy!

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