17 August 2007

Third time's the charm.

I was offered a job today. Nice, huh? I had the interview for it yesterday and they just called me this afternoon. It's not a super cool position or anything, but it's at a good college. Employees can take two classes a year, amongst other pretty sweet benefits. It's a long commute, but it will encourage me to move my ass up to Boston sooner than later.

I didn't formally respond yet, just because I wanted to sleep on it, so as to look like a responsible adult... before I eat ice cream in celebration.

Waffle cones, sucka!


Eryn said...

you're greeeaaaat! congrats kindred spirit!

horray for the new job. remember when you hit the seventh month mark, don't try to be like me and erase all your importante files. however, if you're a masaquist, feel free!

now we can both be bad employees who talk on AIM during work hours!

p.s. my boss is gone monday and tuesday this week.....which means, more opportunity for me to suck at the workplace!

Alec said...

Thank you, Tony. And I didn't even think of the AIM thing! I've been out of the administrative loop too long apparently. My boss said she's a "bumbler" when it comes to computers, so I'm going to go ahead and guess that it's going to be pretty easy.

I hope that by "suck[ing] at the workplace" you mean making me laugh like a Torrette's patient over IM.

Eryn said...

what's a "bumbler," I'm assuming it's Bahstonian in it's origins.

today i get to remake a flash project that took me over a month to create........fuck!

Alec said...

A "bumbler" is someone who is easily confused and awkward. (And yes, I looked it up so as to give an articulate description.) When she said it though, I almost went, "...come again?" If I was a bumbler, I'd keep the bumbledom on the DL.