16 August 2007

You don't want to meet a woman in a bar... go to a farmers' market... a pumpkin patch...

I've been dying to see Superbad since I first saw the trailer back in March or something and was afraid it would disappoint- one of those movies where they stick all the jokes in the trailer... Well, I don't want to oversell this or anything, but...

Superbad may be the greatest movie of all time.

The bro and I caught a free screening this evening and it not only had a large quantity of laughs, but said laughs were quality, as well. I'm already wondering when I can see it again since I was too busy doing my best ErynExplosion™ impression over half of the jokes. The movie so crammed with goodness you get neither bored, nor fatigued. Everyone is perfect. There are essentially two storylines in the movie: one involving Seth and Evan trying to get to a party and the other with Foggle (McLovin) being taken under the wing of a couple of doltish cops. Seth (Jonah Hill) is the human id personified– so skeezy and lecherous, but his snappy, crass humor is in perfect balance to the relatively sensible, naive, and sweet Evan (Michael Cera... also of "Arrested Development" fame) who was FANTASTIC. And McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) was also amazing- especially for what is his first role, apparently. Seth Rogen (who co-wrote), and Bill Hader are completely hilarious as the cops (hence the subject line of this entry).

Long story short, I can't even do a half-way decent faux review because I just freaking loved it so much. Just go see it. Then we can talk about it. Maybe go to the mall. Hold hands. Whatever.


Eryn said...

OMG, first you saw Knocked Up before me and gave it a rave review via text message......now that me and the fiance are stoked to see this you make awaiting to go see it even so much more delightful.

i love you

and i can't wait to go see it, maybe after 10 quality ErynExplosions I will forget about shitty my week was.

Alec said...

I think- nay! I know you'll love it. I had an ugh-worthy, tiresome day yesterday and felt like crap going into the theater, but it started and BAM! Pure crack! It will definitely make you feel better. It's got the A-Town Stamp of Approval™.

Now, go see it so we can talk about it! Schnell! Fretta! Vite vite!