13 October 2007

"Balls to the water."

I was fishing through my closet today and found a cheapo video camera that I used during the Bufa Reunion of 2005. There was only about 9 minutes of footage on the tape, but it was like finding $50 in the pocket of a coat you haven't worn in years (though that's not to put a price on the Bufas.) I plugged that puppy in (unfortuntately, it's VHS), and it was nine golden minutes of the camera pivoting on the table, capturing Rachel, A-Town, Fink, me, and the one and only PL being... stupid. That is to say, us. We're singing along with John Mayer's brief foray into blues, out of key and getting the words wrong. We're playing a delectable game of Tunk, where I drag Team A-Town down, Eryn giggles like a giddy school girl, A-Town soulfully "sings," and Rachel plays air guitar with her teeth. And Fink is an old man.

Of course.

I'm happy to have found it, but it was also a sentimental reminder that I haven't seen three of those peeps face to face in two years to the day. How odd.

April's so far off.


Eryn said...

can i just say that i still have a smile on my face after reading your awesome-town post. i'll probably fall asleep like that.

we were watching one of atown's videos of flo town right before we left and it made me feel so sentimental and sad that we weren't there that i made him turn it off after 20 minuti...seriously.

well it's only 6 short months ago. just think, we've been knowing that we were going for 6 months, so we're halfway there.

um, you're so yummy, i need you and a caramel frappucino pronto!

Alec said...

I almost cried (I will say that I puddled up with joy), when watching it. I could use some caramel frapErynccino action right now to soothe my sentimental soul, and yes--they should rename it that. I'm writing Starbucks the letter right now.

Eryn said...

spiderman? where are you sweetcakes?

Eryn said...

as much as i love my face being at the top of your blog.....i need more words of wisdom from THE atown

Alec said...

Don't get your hotpants in a bunch! IIIII'm workin' on it!