23 October 2007

Like we are all half crazy and all at least half alright.

I got my tickets to the JR benefit gig, December 11th in Cambridge, a smidge more than two months after seeing him a couple stops down on the Red Line in Somerville. It's a tiny place and he's playing a ("mostly") solo acoustic show for the benefit of a friend with cancer. Good music and a good cause--during the season of giving? What more can you ask for? Should be amazing.

Obama was in Boston today for a rally, but I skipped it so I could get home before 9. Sorry Barack--but you don't need to preach to the choir. You got my vote, and frankly, a Democrat speaking in Massachusetts is like the Pope speaking in Brazil... you're surrounded by your biggest fans. But I guess it's a good ego-boost (especially with Hillary schooling him in the polls lately.) Whatever--his universal healthcare plan is by far the most solid. Go Barack.

But who am I kidding--I'll vote for whatever blue person is on the ballot.



Eryn said...

ditto for voting for whatever blue candidate is on the ballot. i'm sure it'll be hilary, just as long as guiliani doesn't make it in. *bites nails*

Barack spoke on the UT campus a while back......however in the middle of the day on a friday, how are we white collar workers supposed to make it to such an event. hmmphh!

Alec said...

I'm scared of Rudy. In the way you should be scared of a violent crazy person. Seriously--he's nuts. Even his daughter isn't voting for him.