04 October 2007

"STOP. Just stop. Next time, I'm silencing you at the fifth syllable."

Having just talked about The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, I felt compelled to post this. An artist lived in the Providence Place Mall undetected for four years. That's 36 different kinds of amazing. Make sure to go to his website and look at his statement--it's pure gold. And judging from an article or two that I've seen, it sounds like the police weren't even mad... sounds like they were actually subtly impressed. I mean, who wouldn't be a little amused?


Edit: by the by, this link was provided by Rob. I would give you his blog address, but he doesn't actually post. What a little bitch.


Johnny Eclectic said...

No props for the link? Boo, bad blogger. . .

Eryn said...

is that the mall we went to in Prov town? I bet his friends alerted him of the hotness that was sassing the mall that day.

i bought a pink puffy vest from the mall's old navy that day......i love my pink puffy vest.