22 January 2008

Cappuccino and closure - what more could a girl ask for?

Yesterday afternoon turned into a mini tour of Providence, complete with a failed attempt at brunch at Julian's on the Hill, followed by a trip to Wickenden for Pizza Pie-er, "the gourmet pizza experience" (it was ok, worth another shot I suppose), and then to Thayer for some cappuccino and dessert at Roba Dolce. Both the cappuccino and dessert (I shamefully forgot the name of the dish, but they were pastry balls of cream-covered AMAZING) were excellent. It's switched management since I was last there, and there is a noticeably positive difference in the product and the atmosphere (more cozy and slightly more formal/chic.) It's run by an enthusiastic and rather young Italian guy, though we never ended up asking him where in Italy he was from. I wanted to ask in Italian, but knew after de dove sei, I'd be at a loss for words. But my bro, Gabri, and I all received complimentary cups of coffee - score! As much as Thayer Street can be a pain and there are only so many college and high school students one can take, I'd say that Roba Dolce beats the lattes at the Coffee Exchange (though CE has the best whole beans... and the scene... and the art supply store across the street.)

And I had a pleasant surprise in store for me on Thayer - the business establishment of my last employment is now closed! Well, they've "moved locations." Whatever. It's off Thayer. It never should have been there in the first place... though I'd be ok with it not existing at all. I still can't believe how stressed that job would make me... But that chapter is now closed and I can walk down the street without shuddering every time I pass.

Infra structurally speaking, maybe I should consider a blog name change, like my twin just recently did. Mine has turned into a rather ironic title since I haven't done much art at all recently. Anyway, this is my 50th blog post since its inception in May of last year, though seven of those posts have happened just this January... can you tell I'm stepping up my game this year? Oh yeah... makin' it happen.

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Eryn said...

more blogs from my dove make my days so loverly!

you must take me to roba dolce the next time i'm in ur hood.