14 January 2008

"Chinese people love controversy, we know that - Pearl Harbor."

Found a web series online by Michael Cera (aka George Michael from "Arrested Development" and Evan from Superbad) and Clark Duke (who my brother remembered as the kid who said, "holy shit - Fogel's a badass!" in Superbad). You can find it here and it is definitely worth watching. The show is a "documentary" about them trying to get a script produced - each episode averages about 10 minutes. A minute and a half into the first episode, I was smitten. Super dry humor abounds... along with some really stupid gags that make you laugh anyway. I'm currently on episode four and it's only gotten better.

Today was a snow day. Last time I commuted into Boston when such snow was hyped, it took me four hours to get home, so I aired on the side of caution and held down the fort. It didn't turn out to be as crazy as they said, but it was that type of heavy, wet snow which makes you question why shovels aren't shaped more like buckets on poles. The perk of the situation was that the snow perfectly coated the trees. It looks really gorgeous, which is something one can appreciate before and after shoveling... not so much during.

This is random, but something that I've wanted to do more of is write letters. Some call it a lost art, and I suppose it's a sad truth... But I'm going to bring it back! (With recycled materials, of course.) You want a letter? I'll write you a letter. I'd been shamefully procrastinating in writing to a former professor, and I finally just sent her an email (I didn't want to delay further by trying to find nice stationary or some other excuse.) But maybe now since the appropriate mechanics are in motion, I should get started on that.

As for the BW process (Best Woman, for those not in the know), the dress that I bought? Yeah... that didn't work out so well. It was sort of spectacular, in a monumental failure sort of way. It was apparently made by someone who'd only been told what a woman was shaped like by a third-hand source, and had never actually seen one in person. Maybe Michelangelo designed it.


Eryn said...

oh michelangelo and his manly shaped women. we were JUST talking about that with my dad the other day.

P.S. everytime we tell my dad that we're getting married in palazzo vecchio he utters, "oh my God, this is just unbelievable"

i think he forgets on purpose just so he can be told over and over again

Alec said...

I loved how Helen had 42 theories on why Mike sculpted women as he did. It's like really? Are we really having this debate? Unpleasant man + conservative times = lumpy boob statues.

As for your dad... it's because his little girl is getting married! In Italy! Every time I remind my dad that I'm going to the Big A, he acts like it's maybe the second time he's heard the news. Something along the lines of, "So... they're really having it in Florence? Wow."

Maybe it's a dad thing. A PT&A dad thing.