19 January 2008

We've just got these wooden scissors...

When I asked Punky Lewster if she was familiar with Eddie Izzard, much to my chagrin, she said no. I was introduced to his comedy with Dress to Kill my sophomore year of college, and have been hooked ever since. His comedy is intellectual and random -- based on history, politics, and religion -- with bits about coffee and bees thrown in for good measure. While he's not for everyone (some get bogged down in the straight cross-dressing... and "The Riches" does kind of suck), I think he's amazing. I always thought it would be awesome to have dinner with him and Craig Ferguson (I love that they're friends), though I'd probably snarf some chicken alfredo out my nose. Classy.

Anyway, this is a bit from my favorite Eddie Izzard DVD, Glorious. Hope you (specifically PL) enjoy.

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