21 January 2008

Freezing cold temperatures = pointless posting!

This weekend has been quite low key, keeping in tone with the frigid temperatures. Yesterday, I didn't do much of anything, except pick up my new glasses (in black with blue highlights, which I would say fall under the category of "chic librarian"). Very exciting, I know. I also watched A Mighty Wind, which I saw years ago, but my love was rekindled by my relatively new appreciation for folk music and Parker Posey. The comedy is ridiculous, but dialed down to the point of deadpan absurdity. I recommend it and any other Christopher Guest mockumentary.

The Patriots are going to the Superbowl. Not exactly a surprise for a team that's 18-0 this season (but boy, will their faces be red if they lose the big one to Peyton's goofy little brother.) While I don't follow football very closely at all, I have to tip my hat to them - really exceptional all season long. Nicely done, Mr. Brady.

I had the honor of talking to both Miss Rachel and The Reginator today. "But how - how I say - did you talk to Regina, who is in the exotic far off land of Turkey?" Well, we used Skype, which I downloaded while I was in Italy, but never had the opportunity to use for anything other than instant messaging. As it turns out, it's pretty freaking awesome. The sound quality's great, there's very little lag... and oh yeah - it's free! I just use my laptop's built-in microphone and my regular speakers. You can surf the intertubes while you're talking and there's no pressure to cram in some amazing, life-changing conversation in as short a time as possible because it's freeeeee. So we were able to be our natural, idiotic selves. It was wonderful.

And it's official. Rachel and I will be staying Hostal Moratin in Valencia while we're there for four days, immediately post-Amalgamation. In terms of hostels, it looks somewhat classy, though rather spartan. While on the phone and looking at the hostel's photos, we both had the same reaction (in the Eurotrash voice): You like chair? Mmmm... we have chaaaair. There is only one chair... but it's so chic. We're either going to kill each other or end up bound by a civil ceremony at the end of this trip... probably the latter as European hostels usually mean double beds. Spicy!

This is completely and utterly unrelated to everything above, but my brother's playing Bioshock, a ridiculously gruesome, but ridiculously awesome computer game. The graphics and locomotion are amazing. The art, production and design detail are insane. Picture a city underwater, circa 1960, if Ayn Rand's ideas were taken seriously by a group of very well funded and very vehement group of people... A sort of disgustingly brutal and beautiful anarchy ensues. I simply enjoy watching it, because playing a game like that would get me frantic and squeamish.

Just leave me my Scrabulous.


Melissa said...

oh a-town...i am so glad that another human being finally knows what skype is. my mom heads up the telecommunications team at a cpa firm and for the love of nutella she would not stop hounding me about freaking skype and its innumerable virtues. since most of the work stuff she tells me about is total nonsense, i was a bit skeptical, but by god if it isn't the most magical if slightly nerdy thing i have ever experienced (except for the times she makes me test it...15 minutes of "CAN YOU HEAR ME? IS IT WORKING?" is not so magical). so, i guess i just wanted to give a shout out to everyone out there dialing numbers with a mouse and talking to their computer screens with their headsets on. especially you, best woman of the century. loooooove, maluso

Alec said...

Yessssss Maluso! I'm sure you've experienced that little tango because of the tiny lag: Heeeeey! Can you hear me? Man, this is awesome! ... How's it goi-wait... what? Y-you go ahea... well, I was just gon-... WHAT???

Then you just get over it and talk like a normal person.

And I decree a shout-out to YOU, Noble Maluso, with your headset, looking like a fine, fine Time Life Operator.

Eryn said...

boo to skype, they're jaduka's numero uno competitor. we offer the same service.....it's called dukaDIAL.......I KNOW, I KNOW...i didn't name it, just designed lots of shit for it. and i know skype has got their shit together, but come feb. 1st our labs will be launched and the world will be able to use our free services as well.

i must let you both also know that World Nutella Day 2008 is Feb. 5th and you can participate in the blogosphere....google that shit for directions

if you know me well you'll know that i'm going to be all over this...basically you need to come up with a recipe involving nutella. originally i was going to go with my good ole' spoon in nutella recipe but i don't think that'll fly, although i'll prolly get points for originality!

oh and thank you for the shout out Town in your last post. reason # 39583947 why i love you! and thanks for the eddie izzard video. i can't say that i enjoy him as much as you do. he's charming and i can't get over the lady pant suits....but i don't crack up, slap my knee while watching it.

anywho, your hostel chair looks cool. where are you two going to stay in firenze again???

oh and maluso for the love of pete, you have a blog???i think i tried to go to it a few months back but couldn't access your page.....i must have the url link!!!

Alec said...

PL: I feel like I should try to make a Nutella cake or Nutella pudding or Nutella mousse for WND08, but I couldn't do it without you as my tester. Seriously. I am nowhere near the connoisseur that you are of Nutella.

And I will be all over DukaDial when you guys are ready. I'll be there with bells on and pass it on to my homies abroad, I promise you that.

Rach and I are narrowing down our Firenze choices - I will certainly let you know when we nail it down. Where did you stay in Barcelona? We need to book that as well and could use some advice (WHY didn't I ask you that like 3 months ago??)

And yeah Maluso - cough up the blog address, you mystery woman, you.

Melissa said...

i bet you can score those originality points with "spoon in nutella" if you substitute my special ingredient...spoon previously dipped in peanut butter.

that's right. i admitted that i do that. why i have so much trouble holding on to a man, i'll never understand.

oh, and sorry to disappoint you fine ladies but i totally only have a google account, and since i used it here it just automatically set me up with a blogger profile. i can't believe you two doubted that you would be the first(and sexiest)to be alerted of any present or future blogs.

Alec said...

M: You need to blog. I always laugh like a stoned David Davidson at your myspace posts (don't picture that - it's the scariest thing ever)... and look at it this way - you can always talk about "How I Met Your Mother" and the IMMENSE need for new episodes.

I some Kobe lobster for this withdrawl.

Eryn said...

atown: becca and i stayed at Seapoint in Barcelona, it was awesome. great location in the Barceloneta region RIGHT ON THE FREAKIN' sand. every morn we walked onto the adjacent cafe (with a hot spaniard employee) and put our feet in the sand. they also have Gothic Point, it's a hostel chain if you will in Barcelona. This one is the bigger of the two hostels and it's right in the thick of things in the Gothic district. I recommend the latter if you want to be closer to the sites and the one we stayed in if you want to be by the coast!

and you guys will definitely need a mop if Rafael still works there.........the hottest blonde spaniard EVER from Seville.

.....and Maluso, I second the fact that yOU NEED TO HAVE A BLOG. your writing style cracks my shit up.

thanks for the peanut butter spoon tip....i'll think of you next time i shamefully eat nutella, with my back turned on society!