24 February 2008

Bring forth the synth!

This weekend was part bust, part sweetness. Yesterday, I went BW dress shopping (BW = Best Woman = Maid of Honor) with Mama B, and that... didn't work out so hot. Nordstroms is a lying little piece of chic poo. Online options abound - they have dresses out the wazoo. In-store is another story entirely. I found one or two fallbacks elsewhere, but nothing really sang to me. Next expedition means more branching out... to Garden City I say!

Last night I was all set to be bummed about being home alone on a Saturday night, but realized that some "A-Town time" is good. The house was cozy and quiet, and while I wish that I'd had more food options (we really need to go grocery shopping), it was a nice night. Good for unwinding, post-mall disappointment.

Over some coffee earlier today, I got caught up with Roz and Lorien - a couple of girls that I used to work with on Thayer. We talked about life and guys and music... I haven't laughed that much in a some time. In short, it was really good to seem them. It also served as a reminder that there actually is cool stuff and some cool people in RI... who woulda thunk. And frankly, I needed that reminder. We agreed that brunch should be sometime soon on the horizon... and who can argue with pancakes?

In the world of indie music freshness, Blondfire is allegedly almost ready to release their debut LP, My Someday. You may know their song "L-L-Love" - it was one of the most successful free singles of the week on iTunes. They're a couple of sexy siblings from New York by way of Michigan and Brazil or some such... and they're really good. Apparently, the album is almost entirely produced, mixed, and all that good stuff by the two of them. Both have solo projects and more, but I love the synergistic sound when they combine their mighty musical powers. There's definitely some 80's influence in there but they freshen it up. I seriously can't stop listening to "Always the Last to Know." Give it a listen and tell me it's not supa fly. I dare you.

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