03 February 2008

Perfection just takes so much WORK.

Rob: WHAT fucking bullshit
A-Town: I KNOW
A-Town: i am upset
Rob: even you are! shit

I like Bill Bellchick. While his habit of cutting off the sleeves of his sweatshirts is wasteful (what does he do with the sleeves??), it's almost endearing in an obsessive sort of way. He also looks like the kind of guy who, if he were your uncle, would never say much more to you other than "stay out of trouble"... but come Christmas, would give you an envelope with an obscene amount of cash in it. Randy Moss can fly. Welker is the spry hobbit of the NFL. Bruschi is an inspirational made-for-TV-movie waiting for happen. And Tom Brady... well.

He's Tom Brady.

So I was disappointed with tonight's game. Both teams were tough, but... so it goes.

But I won't say that the NY Giants coach needs to crawl back under the bridge from whence he came. Or that one of the owners of the Giants looks like a pedophile. Or that Eli Manning was a quarter of a chromosome away from being the slow kid who stuck his hand in the Fry-alator at McDonald's...

I will say this, however: I'm sorry, Boston. It is going to be a depressing week. And I'm up past my bedtime. The only thing worse than bloated, hung-over, exuberant Catholics is bloated, hung-over, depressed Catholics - a people who thrive on mourning, loss and misplaced guilt and anger. And I'll be stuck in the tin can known as the MBTA with them all week.

Let the grouching begin!

But as I finish my highball, I'll remind myself that 18-0 ain't too freaking shabby and shall now start chanting the Bostonia mantra of "next yeeah, baby!" To cheer myself up, I shall post a picture of Tom Brady holding a baby goat. Simply because such a thing exists.


Eryn said...

i totally called the pic of Brady in a Stetson ad. he is definitely sport's most attractive participant.

and i cracked up about your bellchick, you're so good at this game. and the one about Eli...he's definitely the less fortunate looking of the Manning brothers.

however.....the Lew family had a much different feeling at the end of the game.......I'd call it Fricken ELATION!!!!

we're not twinz in this aspect twin. I guess we're just fraternal. split up at birth...one goes to a NE family and the other goes to two New Yorkers, who move to Norway, Oklahoma, and then Texas!

Alec said...

I think both of the Manning brothers are the less fortunate looking of the Manning brothers. But I'm glad you took it as it was to be taken... humor covering the bitter dark chocolate nugget center of truth.

And Papa B was NOT happy. There may have been the longest string of "no no no no no nononononoNONONONONO NOOO!" in human history during the painfully long last minute of the game. A sad time indeed. I think 95% of New Englanders have/had indigestion last night/today.

And you were missing a piece: one twin goes to a New England family by way of Idaho... is it a coincidence I was born - "born" - in TWIN FALLS??

I submit that it is not.

Melissa said...

i have so many other things i could comment on in this post, but this one tiny thing keeps sticking in my mind and it's really distracting so i'll just spit it out.

when you say fry-alator, do you ever get the urge to say it like it's something that's attacking the city? you know what i'm talking about. FRY-ALATORRRRRRRRR.

all i'm saying is that i used to work at a waterpark concession stand and that happened more than i'd like to admit. PLEASE don't judge me. the end.

Alec said...

Well now I'm going to think of it as such. Perhaps even expand it to its advanced half-human, half-robot cousin, THE FRYA-LATRIX!

Now, don't you judge me.