07 February 2008

It ain't the Green Isle for nothin'

While Whole Foods is just starting to charge for their plastic bags, Ireland has been a little more bold and charges a tax of 22 euro cents per plastic bag. It's not a hard habit to start and it's quite beneficial for... everyone. While I found a minor frustration in Italy (they usually charged 5 cents per busta), I got over it. By mid-semester, I almost always went shopping with my backpack, which actually made it easier to navigate the Florentine streets - no bags to get caught on stuff, like say, passing motorini.

An easy, socially responsible solution: buy the fiber/reusable bags (around $8-$10 for 3-4 of them), and when you're done unloading your groceries, you just pop the bags right back into the car so you don't forget them next time around. No biggie. Let's hope this kick starts a major trend.

And in completely unrelated bit of news, I zinged Rob's mom so badly, I just had to share. He has since defended his mother's honor by throwing mine down a ravine several times (metaphorically), but that's beside the point. Here it is, and for those not in the know, the "T" is the public transit system in Boston.

Rob: it's one town over
Rob: actually kelly's is on the T
Rob: orange line
Rob: if you want to call that the T
A-Town: oh snap
A-Town: elitist
Rob: the orange skeeves me out
A-Town: so does your mom, but that doesn't keep me from riding her

Thank you - I'll be here all week!


Eryn said...

oh SNAP! zinnngggg

Alec said...

Thank you - I wish you'd been there to say that when I sent it to him. And then maybe get a high five... cause everyone likes a high five.

Eryn said...

i enjoy high fives when my arse is the receiver.


but only from you!