01 February 2008

Reason #8496 why Eryn rocks my world.

As much as I've been trying (and lord, have I been trying), to "put a smile" on this week, it has been impossible. Monday, first thing out of the house, I slipped on some black ice and landed squarely on my tailbone. I try not to let morning crap determine the mood of my day, but when you've got a sore bum, it's sort of hard not to. Tuesday: spilled coffee in the car. Wednesday: migraine...

Et cetera, et cetera.

This week has been chock full of the kind of annoyances that cause high blood pressure and... baldness. Every time I turn around, there's someone just waiting to get in my way so I miss the T, or swerve their car to hit the nearby puddle to splash me. The "A" in "A-Town" stood for "Angry," my friends.

But wait! There is a silver lining to the ominous acid rain-filled cloud that has been this week.

The B to my BW got me a BW gift... just for being BW, I guess! (So many B's!) We were talking Amalgamation stuff earlier today while longingly looking at the pictured clutch purse online. I was this close to giving J. Crew my credit card digits when Eryn told me, in a can't-keep-a-sweetass-secret sort of way (another shared trait), that I'd be receiving that very same drool-inducing purse in the mail quite soon. PIMP!

I feel lucky to have friends who are worth flying halfway around the world for and remind you just why exactly they're so awesome in some form or another everyday. And in all fairness, PL, I would have attended the Big A even without the coveted clutch... but just barely...


Eryn said...

hahaha you're so sweet...my little plum tarte!

even if you're more than likely rooting for the NE Pats today!

I was so happy to purchase said clutch for such a perfect BW. I know that you'll appreciate it more than anyone ever has :-)

And yes, it's just because you're my BW and rocking the job so far!!!!

I love being part of the title of blog posts.

P.S. Saci has fallen asleep next to us and is twitching. I imagine she's dreaming of frolicking with Mikah!

Alec said...

Being a BW is a pretty sweet gig. It will be going on my resume.

I can't wait to get el clutch and stare at it longingly in anticipation... kinda like the picture of you that's on my desk.

And you can bet your fine, fine petootie that I'll appreciate it! I've assembled a list of things that "you hope you won't have to use, but know you might have to" to go in said BW accessory for the Big A... things like bobby & safety pins, cover-up, a tiny brush, and of course, many many tissues for when everyone sobs. Actually, I may as well just pop a box of Kleenex between the girls and pass them around right before the "I do."