25 March 2008

I get by.

A while ago I was talking with Mama B... about this and that. Then the topic of Little Erin came up and I said (like you do when you're talking about Little Erin), "she's just so cute..." And my mom replied, "she is cute... actually, all of your friends are really cute. You have really lovely friends."

And it hit me (as it sometimes does), that I do. I have great friends. They're fun and smart and cultured and weird - and I know that, while diverse in interests and backgrounds, if they all got together, they'd all get along really well. They're people that I want to know for the rest of my life - and you can't say that about many people. I want to be able to call up PL when I'm 73 and pop over to her house (villa?) and make supremely awesome cookies. Then we'd get mildly annoyed but end up laughing when we realize that A-Town drank all the milk. "Oh, A-Town - you and your Mukki!

Or I could give One Eye and Berto a ring and say, "Coffee?" And they'd both say, "meh..." And then I'd say "Whiskey?" And they'd both say, "Heck yes." (Who could say no?)

Or give Rachel two day's notice and say, "you wanna retrace our Irish steps?" And she would pull the deer-in-headlights face and hold up an already-packed bag.

I could go on...

But this is why teleportation not only has to be invented within the next 30 years, but also become available for personal use. Or else, we can all just move to a giant commune. Take your pick, people - it's one or the other!

But anyway. Good people. I know good people.

Erin and Emily with Erich
Pirate Eye is contagious.

One of my favorite photos of anyone. Ever.

Rachel & Mika

Courtney & Emily
"Would you like to share my beard?"
(P.S. I wish I had the Maura mugshot.)

A-Town and Eryn
I'm a twin of both of these people... and they're getting married... is that weird?

In a whaling ship. Obviously.

Eryn, me, & Rachel
Oh, sweet Helen of SACI, I love this picture.

P-Funk, Emily and Abby get in a scuffle.
Showing that even the best of friends can have disagreements.


Eryn said...

i'm smiling like a big dork right now. i so want to call you when i'm 75 and grab gelati con tu!

this is why you're my BW!

florence florence florence, italy italy italy, SGM SGM SGM, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Alec said...

I can sense your dorky smile from here - and I'm totally your twin in that sense right now.

I think your last line should be our crazy ass rant to scream in the streets to scare off unwelcome sketchballs. Think it'll work?