17 March 2008

Where the green is optional but the beer mandatory, AKA good craic.

This weekend was spent as St Patrick's weekend should be spent (should the opportunity arise): in Boston with friends. Saturday afternoon, I zipped into Bostonia on the Amtrak (I couldn't bear to take the commuter rail on a day off), met up with Rob for a coffee at Diesel in Davis Square... though it would be wrong to call it simply "a coffee." It's called the Accelerator - essentially a caffe latte with the perfect amount of vanilla and almond, creating a flavor similar to that of toasted marshmallows. It would also be an injustice to call it anything less than "hot magic" (a term I usually reserve strictly for PL.)

Anyway, Rob and I parted ways, and I caught up with Emily (One Eye), my favorite drinking buddy (my newest nickname for her is "the walking id.") We snagged a dinner of fried appetizers at a nice neighborhood place just a few blocks away from her apartment. We hadn't even finished our RI-Style calamari when Little Erin gave a ring and we agreed to meet at Bukowki's Tavern, a mellow beer-centric bar, perfect for practical scenesters who prefer their beverages with their normal coloration, even on the most emerald of holidays. One Eye and I beat Erin and Erich (her bf), to Bukowski's, so we took our time ordering. I got a beer - and actually enjoyed it - but stuck with Belgian whites, since it's strong hops that make me cringe as though I'm about to receive a smack in the face from Charlie Mopps himself.

Erin and Erich arrived and we caught up on the subject of... everything. I hadn't seen Erin since the JR show back in October, so there was definitely some catching up to be done. There's that moment of "AHHH!HOWAREYOU??" followed by "so... what do we talk about?" but that hiccup is drowned out by fart jokes and physical comedy...

It's almost as though no time has passed.

I'm lucky in that while I have sort of distinctive "clusters" of friends (college friends/SACI friends) - they're very open. Though Emily had only met Erin once, they clicked. I love when that happens - though, it helps to know fantastically awesome people. Erich is also quite chill. He and Erin share similar musical tastes - along the lines of my own, but more broad and probably more chic. But it's great to compare notes and walk away with some musical tips in your change pocket (I knew that pocket had to be good for something.)

They called it a night rather early, so Emily and I took off for Central Square. We went to the Asgard. It was alright - nothing to write home about. Definitely a different atmosphere than the bubble of Bukowski's, so that was a little jarring. We one drink, one of us mentioned Bagel Bites, and in our infinite buzzed wisdom, immediately needed them, so we headed out. It should be noted that Emily earned her nickname of "One Eye" for more than one reason. She wore her aesthetic eye patch on the walk back to her apartment, and said walk took way longer than it should have, because I was half-collapsed in laughter the entire time. We eventually got back, inhaled nuclear Bagel Bites, and went to bed.

The next morning, we went out with Rob and Emily's roommate Christine for breakfast in Davis Square at a place called Johnny D's. There was a bit of a wait, but the jazz brunch was quality, even keeping in mind that we were all so hungry, we briefly contemplated divvying up the bottle of table ketchup while waiting. Post-brunch Emily and Christine headed off to the parade and I kept my streak going of never actually making it to the parade by going back to -suprise! - Diesel with Rob. I think the thing about Diesel is that their coffee is never bitter - it's pure espresso, but it never has that burnt taste. Maybe it's their blend or their ratio... whatever it is, it's freaking magic and I want it always and forever. And ever and ever.

And now it's time for "How I Met Your Mother," so I must say goodbye and adieu... and Happy St Patrick's Day.


Eryn said...

so i've decided that you also have to take me to this Diesel place for my next trip to your hood.

Alec said...

You bet your biffy, we're going to Diesel... and anywhere Little Erin might be.

Eryn said...

well yeah....that tooo