21 March 2008

A little tornado

This past Tuesday was chock full of major music releases, several of which I was looking forward to. Through legit, unnamed sources, I got the She & Him album a couple weeks ago, but haven't actually gotten around to it that much because I was too busy with the Doves Some Cities, The National's The Boxer, and the recently released in the US In The Dark: Live at Vicar Street album/DVD... I mean, it's JR. In Dublin. Singing "Best for the Best." What's a girl supposed to do? I even had to remove the intro to "Kathleen" from my "Current Tracks" iPod playlist because it makes me laugh... out loud... regardless of location or social situation.

But I digress.

I iTunes'd it up and bought The Kills' Midnight Boom a day before getting Devotchka's A Mad and Faithful Telling... which I sort of regret, because now I can't stop listening to The Kills. It's just so good! The lyrics aren't exactly amazing - mostly nonsensical or neo-neo-punk-based - but the entire album is catchy and simple, different and new, sleek and electronic... but not without some good ol' fashioned riffs and roaring guitar.

They just released (free on iTunes for the week) "Cheap and Cheerful" as the second single. Upon first listen, I really didn't like it, but it has since grown on me (still working on liking the video, however...) As for the rest of the album, the only song I can definitely live without is "Alphabet Pony" (we get it... "easy alphabet pony..." alright already.) But "Hook and Line," "Tape Song," "Last Day of Magic," and the tragically short but nonetheless awesome "M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U." are great examples of The Kills being... The Kills... still loud and proud, just a more evolved version of themselves. Bravo to them.

I wish that I could catch their Boston show at the end of April, but I will be in Spain at the time, eating tapas and drinking something surely delicious and intoxicating. Next time aound.

The Kills - Last Day of Magic


Eryn said...

great post you critic you........i was able to download a few of the songs you mentioned and am currently listening to Bob.

spain is always the best alternative!

Alec said...

Oh good - I hope you like it.

And yes - Spain is numero uno... well, numero due next to you.